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ESCHSORB - Exhaust gas cleaning with activated carbon injection in a dilute phase process

Adsorption of dioxins and mercury

Metering and injection of activated carbon into the exhaust gas cleaning system to facilitate the adsorption of dioxins and mercury. The entrained flow reactor implements the uniformly distributed injection (one feed line for up to ten injection points) of additives such as activated coke and/or lime into the exhaust pipes of sintering belts, electric arc furnaces, rotary kilns for manufacturing cement, in waste incineration facilities and power plants for the adsorption of dioxins and mercury.

  • Customised amount of lances and positions based on the flow channel
  • Optimum distribution of activated carbon at the injection point
  • Catalytic substances can be used
Mobiile Versuchsanlage

Mobile test facility

For the gravimetric metering and injector conveyance of dusts.
(With current ATEX approval for dust)


Six-way distributor

For a dilute phase conveying system that connects with the injection lances of the flue gas duct.
(Mercury reduction with activated carbon) 


A high level of pollutant emissions are caused by thermal power plants and other incineration facilities that operate with fossil fuels (particularly hard coal, lignite or natural gas) or biogenic fuels.
To achieve a successful energy transition and, in particular, to meet the climate goals, we are also addressing this problem.
These pollutants, particularly mercury emissions, can be reduced significantly with appropriate technology and processes.
To do so, E.S.C.H. GmbH has developed successful technologies and performed long-term testing with the objective of coming a bit closer to compliance with the mercury limits.  

Innovative injection lance application

Wirkungsweise Injektionslanze

  • Minimises mercury content by up to 70%
  • Low operating costs
  • Additional stimulus for intensive interaction 
  • Catalytic substances can easily be used

Scope of services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Basic and detail engineerimg
  • Testing the conveying capability of a material in our own technology centre
  • Delivery and assembly of the entire ESCHSORB plant
  • Commissioning
  • Training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • After sales service

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