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The E.S.C.H. GmbH was set up in 1992 to apply existing expertise in pneumatic conveying technology in iron and steel industry, to develop new processes in order to transfer them to other industrial branches. Since this time the E.S.C.H. GmbH has been commissioning  different dosing, injection, absorbing and transportation plants on blast furnaces, converters and electrometallurgy workshops, aluminum melting aggregates, and other industrial plants. The main technological targets of the designed facilities are the improvement of the environmental impact by absorbing toxic contaminants from exhaust gas as well as the reduction of the costs of production by saving of raw materials and substitution of oil and gas with alternative solid fuels.

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In 2007 the E.S.C.H. GmbH additionally took over the business areas of the VTI Thüringer Verfahrenstechnisches Institut für Umwelt und Energie e. V. Thus we had the opportunity to use the former technical school, which is unique in ist complexity for mechanical processing technique and thermal-and-biotechnologies. The examination of viscosity of coal slag, the generation of biogas as well as the development of new recycling technologies für mineral and metallic resources are key topics. Furthermore, we let our long experience in the generation or biogas be known in the construction and maintenance of similar plants.  

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