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Range of biogas services


We plan and build your biogas plant

Cost-optimised price/ performance ratio; including plant capacities of less than 75 kW
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Automatic FOS/TAC determination for process reliability in biogas plants


New development!

Our automatic FOS/TAC device for:

Maximum reliability

Fully automatic online measurement

Integrated sampling and sample processing

Short measuring intervals (approx. 1 hour)

High degree of reproducibility

Can be used in all wet fermentation plants 

Biological process technology


Process development and
laboratory services

Fermentation in discontinuous and continuous fermenters

Execution of gas analyses

Examination of digestates

Processing and conditioning procedures for mineral and natural organic substances

Recycling procedures


Efficiency and Consulting

Generation and use of biogas

Use of biomass

Process monitoring


Range of services

Fermentation tests on a laboratory and small scale

Substrate preparation
(mechanical, thermal, enzymatic)

Substrate characterization
(Measurement of substrate

specific parameters)

Use of digestates
(Dehydration, granulation, thermal use)

Optimization of process conditions


Biogas measuring technology


Biogas test facility

The test facility was designed and built to facilitate the automatic operation of a biogas plant even on a small technical scale. In order to achieve conditions more like those in industrial operation, the disadvantages of the usual batch process used in the laboratory are resolved. In addition, the automatic feed and continuous recording of relevant process measurement data result in inexpensive test operation.

It consists of a storage tank, a digester and a measuring station. The facility is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), which can vary the feeding process, bypass circulation and the agitation regime. The measurement data are stored in a PIMOS database and are analysed automatically. 


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