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Biogas plants - References

Biogas plants
Agricultural enterprises , Norbert Wirsching, Rieth - Biogas plant with direct combined heat and power generation
Agricultural enterprises , Norbert Wirsching, Rieth - Biogas plant, Extension building cogeneration plant for piggery air conditioning
Countrified production & sales AG , Hellingen / Heldburg - New Biogas plant
IG Biogas GmbH und Co. KG,  Neustadt / Fechheim - New Biogas plant Wellmersdorf
Agricultural Cooperative Catharinau e.G.,  Uhlstädt-Kirchhasel - New Biogas plant Catharinau
Dairy Farming  Nenko Trifonov E.T.  Karlovo, Bulgaria - New Biogas plant Banya
Agricultural Cooperative  Catharinau e.G., Uhlstädt-Kirchhasel - Reconstruction and commissioning of the gas top of the final storage after destruction by a heavy storm

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