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Test facility for the solid fuel gasification

The plant serves for the evaluation of the response behaviour of solid powdery fuels under different concentrations of oxygen and under different reaction temperatures. To achieve this goal the conditions in the reaction chamber as well as the interactions between fuel and oxygen are simulated. Possible reaction chambers are:

    - Gasification reactors,
    - Fluidized beds,
    - Raceway on the tuyère of a blast furnace etc.

Functional principle

Within the test plant pressurized oxygen is heated to a temperature of  1.000 °C to 1.100 °C, and by a pressure difference a flow is created. The solid powdery fuel is injected into the oxygen flow using nitrogen. Fuel and oxygen pass through the high-temperature zone where the reaction takes place. After the reaction products flow into an evacuated gas sampling pipe. From this pipe the samples for the gas analysis are extracted.

Tube furnace

Tube furnace for the heating of oxygen

It is assumed that the transformation rate is influenced by the following factors:

    - Effective Oxygen-Fuel-Ratio (O/C)
    - Temperatures of oxygen and fuel
    - Dwell time of the oxygen-fuel-mixture within the high-temperature zone
    - Pressure ratio within the plant

The installation was designed for the following test conditions:

Test conditions


Temperature of oxygen

1100 °C max

Temperature within the high-temperature zone

1700 °C max

Pressure within the high-temperature zone

4 barg(Ü) max

Amount of fuel at O/Cmolar=1

1000 mg max


Induction furnace

Induction furnace for the
high-temperature zone

Ball valve and pressure sensor

Ball valve and pressure sensor
Pressure profile during testing

Pressure profile during testing


Oxygen carbon curve

Oxygen carbon curve







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