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The Beginning

KOSTE plant
Already in the 1970s observations were made regarding the saving of expensive heating oil by using of pulverized coal as additional fuel in the blast furnace process.  The decisive impulses came in 1979 from the research department of the Maxhütte Unterwellenborn from which the E.S.C.H. GmbH was founded in 1992.
The first plant for pulverized coal injection in compliance with the KOSTE process was commissioned in 1983 on the blast furnace II in Maxhütte Unterwellenborn. Due to the excellent reliability and the good operating results the second plant was started in April 1985.

A new generation of filters and homogenizing bottoms

Since this time the E.S.C.H. GmbH has been occupied with pneumatic conveying technology of dusts and bulk goods. For the manufacturing of partial sections of bottom and side fluidization in containers, lock hoppers, and silos a special technology of sand and synthetic resin tamping was implemented. In this way we were able to manufacture high-strength filter bottoms or filter elements with diameters up to 600 mm and a smooth flat surface.

Thanks to a specially developed layer technology the filter tamping mass can be used with larger diameters even in descending conical bottoms. Filter bottoms manufactured according to this method with diameters of up to 4000 mm can be used as discharge beds for silos, distribution bases as well as homogenizing bottoms. Due to the robust construction the bottoms are highly resilient und accessible.  The surface without any unevenness and the equal distribution of fluidizing gas over the bottom guarantee an optimal material discharge. Customized processes allow the reline of filter bottoms as well as a retrofitting in existing silos and tanks.

We are able to manufacture filter bottoms with a temperature stability of up 300 °C.

Pneumatic conveying systems

Our concept

Proven and innovative process solutions for customized installations according to conveyed goods and requirements of the operating company..


Optimal configuration of the installation for

  • Minimized consumption of conveying medium
  • Appropriate conveying speeds
  • Minimum wear and tear

High reliabilty of the installation and low maintenance due to the

  • Use of high-quality actuators and sensors
  • Purely pneumatic control of the amount of conveyed material
  • Multiple dosing and equal distribution by rejecting mechanical dosing units
  • Use of  highly wear-resistant ceramic regulating devices


Pneumatic delivery or dosing of extremely abrasive powders of granulated materials susceptible to abrasion, finest dust particles, inhomogenous and heavy conveyed materials such as:

  • Coal and coke dusts
  • Si and SiC granulate
  • Granulate materials for spray dryers
  • Alloying agents
  • Sands
  • Agglomerate from mixed plastic waste
  • Sewage sludge granulate
  • Filter dust
  • Steelworks dust
  • Swarf/shavings

Fields of application

  • Injection of waste products into blast furnaces and cupolas
  • Silicon injection into aluminum melt
  • Sand conveyance in foundry
  • Coal injection for slag foaming in electric furnaces
  • Multiple dosing of coal for burners and blast furnaces
  • Transportation of converter grit in steel works
  • Multiple dosing of additives for waste gas treatment
  • Dosing of granulated casting powder on continuous casting moulds

Scope of supply and services

  • Engineering of complete facilities and systems
  • Delivery of  turnkey systems
  • Assembly, commissioning, maintenance of the systems

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